After completing her visual arts studies, Élisabeth Marier presented three solo exhibitions from 1985 to 1988: including intricate sheet-glass slumpings, aluminum arches and the Glass/Glace installation. In the same period, she contributed to the elaboration of the province of Québec's fine craft programs. In 1991, she accomplished her first large scale architectural integration project, an eleven meters tall flexible sculpture at the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec's headquarter.

Her role at Espace Verre is undeniably important, from her contribution at the onset of the glass program to her dedication as a teacher for the passed twenty years. She has instructed numerous glass artists, many of whom are still active today in their respective domain.

Also, she has created and elaborated the development of a fine craft enterprise class. This part of the glass program allows each student to pursue their individual goals while experimenting and reenacting the varying business possibilities.

In 1996, she started to explore proximity as a subject matter in her work. This made her small scale sculptures easily integrated within private environments. Furthermore, her work is shown in Canada, the United-States (SOFA), France and published in various other countries. Known for creating kiln-formed glass sculptures, she introduced in 2007 new colored glass pieces which were presented by Palette Contemporary Art & Craft Gallery at SOFA in Chicago.

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