Very early on, Élisabeth Marier was mainly interested by the many possibilities that matter can evoke. Her glass, aluminium and carbon fibre sculptures demonstrate this interest, while transposing movement at the moment of displacement and searching for a new found balance.

As time passed, a new transposition appears in her work, literally... from the liquid to the seemingly solid state of glass, to the metaphorical subject matters of her staged glass constructions. Her outlook relies on the recollection of fleeting images, like a "state of being", (for example, water and its multiple faces) and those from a "state of mind" (the many emotions of self). As of 1996, the idea of proximity taking a larger place in her work, her sculptures are often of smaller scale making them more approachable.

Her recent work with color approaches material in a similar mode, combining intuition and construction while looking for the precise instant where colors and forms come together to evoke an eloquent moment.